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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
7/26/1614 Jahangir captured Mewar from Rana Amar Singh. A treaty was signed. In the Mughal court, Rana and his son were treated with exceptional courtesy.
7/26/1844 Gooroodas Banerjee was born in Calcutta. He was a Judge of Calcutta High Court.
7/26/1874 Rajarshi Shahu Chhatrapati, great revolutionary freedom fighter and social reformer, was born.
7/26/1891 Rajendralal Mitra (Raja), famous Bengali ancient researcher, passed away.
7/26/1910 Unrest flares up in the Deccan region of India. Demand grows for self-determination.
7/26/1922 Girilal Jain, famous journalist and editor, was born.
7/26/1923 Mukeshchandra Mathur, famous playback singer, was born.
7/26/1927 Gulabrai Sipahahimalani Ramchand, cricketer (valuable all-rounder in 33 Tests for India), was born in Karachi.
7/26/1933 Gandhiji went back to Sabarmati Ashram after his release from jail.
7/26/1956 Godavarish Mishra, famous Oriya poet, playwright and essay writer, died.
7/26/1975 Anti-government demonstrations held in Gujarat, defying the emergency law prohibiting such demonstrations.
7/26/1991 Indian, UN Observer Mission in El Salvador joined (ONUSAL from Jul 1991 To Apr 1995).
7/26/1991 Tamil Nadu and Karnataka observe bandh over Cauvery water issue.
7/26/1993 Swami Chinmayananda is named 1992 Hindu of the Year for a lifetime of dynamic service to Sanatana Dharma worldwide. He attained 'mahasamadhi' on July 26 at age 77.
7/26/1994 Government rejects JPC report on securities scandal.
7/26/2000 The Centre imposes a ban on employing children belowing 14 years as domestic servants by all Government employees in the All India services at the insistence of the NHRC.


Other Historical Dates and Events
4/13/1989Malayalam film 'Piravi' directed by Shaji N. Karun adjudged best feature film of 1988.
12/3/1884Dr. Rajendra Prasad, first President of India, was born in Jeradei village of Bihar.
1/6/1972America declared Naval Drill in the Indian Ocean.
5/14/1907Muhammad Ayub Khan, Pakistani president, was born.
9/14/1820Agri-Horticultural Garden of Calcutta started functioning.
2/10/1930Shrikant Kirloskar, director of 'Kirloskar Udyog Samuh', was born.
12/1/1999Supreme Court quashes a pending inquiry initiated by the Election Commission against former Union Finance Minister Manmohan Singh.
11/5/2000The Interpol issues a ""look-out'' notice for the five persons and two of their accomplices, who hijacked an Indian Airlines plane in December 1999
11/13/1909Gandhiji left England for South Africa and wrote ''Hind Swaraj'' on board S.S. Kildonan Castle.
8/14/1968Pravin Kalyan Amre, cricketer (Indian batsman, century on Test debut 1992), was born in Bombay.