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Subject: Multi-cultural Robin seeks her Batman
Name: annas
Gender: FEMALE
Height: 5' 5''
Details: I am a music and dance lover who is quiet, easy-going, and likes to have discussions about everything. As I am an introvert (except when discussing politics or the environment lol) and an absolute lover and protector of cannabis as both my Grandmas died of cancer.
Interested in : Male for Dating
Looking For: I'd like someone who is quiet,like to relax, is peaceful,is a music and book lover, kind, and open teaching as well as learning from a partner. My Hindi isn't that great yet so bilingual would be a plus. I am a practicing Hindu but am open to all cultures, ages, and religions. I am a very minimal drinker and partake in 420 daily for satsang, seva, meditation, or for prayer.
Last Login2/27/2015 6:41:00 PM
Hobbies: Dancing, hiking, reading, exploring, cooking, gardening, herbalism, alternative housing, environmental activism, cannabis research


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